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Sekolah Menengah Sains Muzaffar Syah,
Ayer Keroh,
75450 Melaka.

This school is said to be the highest residential school. The location is strategic for viewing the whole of the Historical City of Malacca and the developing Industrial Park of Ayer Keroh. We can also enjoy the view of the green sceneries of the hills and forest. In the morning, the scenic view of Ledang Mount is too beautiful to miss. Jogging in the morning is really refreshing.

Mozac is the nickname of the school. It is often shouted by the students when the school is involved in sports, quiz, debate and etc. Mozac stands for Muzaffar College .......the school was once proposed to be converted to college status but later the plan was cancelled. However, the nickname is still being used. Go MOZAC!
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