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Facilities is important to ensure the needs of the students being filled

Learning facilities is the most important point of development

Academic Facilities

There are 25 classrooms.We have one well-equipped library and an APD room. Other rooms include the Art room, 2 domestic science rooms, 2 workshops, 2 Physics Labs, 2 Chemistry Labs, 2 Biology Labs, a Computer Room, a Language Lab, and 3 General Science Labs .

Sports Facilities

This school is said to have the best field for rugby and soccer. This is because the school is located on a hilly area. Games played on the field are soccer, rugby, hockey, netball, handball and cricket.

The basketball and volleyball courts are situated beside the school hall. Badminton courts are found in the hall. The sepaktakraw court is located near the field and the parking area beside the school building.

Sports facilities is upgraded time by time


Students are lining up to buy things in corporation shop

Miscellaneous Facilities

The picture here shows the students lining up to buy things in the school co-op shop. Students can also buy food at the school canteen.Formal meals are taken at the dining hall.Students pray at the main surau or the surau in the hostels.


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